31 Dec 2013
Party like it's 1986 going on 1987 
FAC 51 The Hacienda New Year's Eve 1986-1987

FAC 51 The Haçienda
New Years Eve
1986 - 1987
9 pm - 2 am
Admission £6

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Stealing History with Abecedarians on KXLU 

Chris Manecke of Abecedarians gives a rare interview on a show from the 55 Shades of Blue KXLU radio archives (streamed via Soundcloud) in which he talks about recording Smiling Monarchs / Benway's Carnival (FAC 117) for Factory Records in the early Eighties.

The episode, from 2012, also features a play of the original demo mix of Smiling Monarchs before it was remixed by Bernard Sumner (Be Music) and Donald Johnson (DOJO).

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28 Dec 2013
Graham Massey's 6Music Freaky Festive Mix 
Graham Massey's Freaky Festive Mix

Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone presents a special one-off Freaky Festive Mix by Graham Massey (Biting Tongues, 808 State, Toolshed, Massonix) tonight at midnight on BBC 6Music.

We are promised a wintry treat featuring ethereal carols, otherworldly instrumentals and transcendental improvisations.

More Graham Massey-type stuff via his Twitter.

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27 Dec 2013
And Now Our Lives Are Complete 
And Now Our Lives Are Complete

'Glistering' by Minny Pops features on a new budget-priced O Genesis Recordings compilation which is out now on iTunes UK. The track, which originally featured on an O Genesis 7" single, is in good company alongside songs by Tim Burgess, Stevie Moore, Nik Colk Void and many others.


1. Certain - Jack Underwood
2. Drumming Around the Room - Electricity In Our Homes
3. If You Want To Get Going, Get Talking To Me - Joseph Coward
4. Anytime Minutes - Tim Burgess
5. Boner Hit - Keel Her
6. Post Break Up Sex - Stevie Moore
7. Emma - Education For Death
8. Heavy Head Boy - Slowgun
9. Maths - Jack Underwood
10. A Case for Vinyl - Kurt Wagner
11. Gold E - Nik Colk Void
12. Sea of Leaves (Gabe Gurnsey Remix) - Blood Music
13. Little Douglas - Pavlovs Children
14. Glistering - Minny Pops
15. Big Love - Throwing Up
16. Hours / Ours (Bonus Track) - Tim Burgess & Asia Argento
17. More Power To Live (Bonus Track) - Hatcham Social
18. The Universe Explodes Into a Billion Protons of White Light (Bonus Track) - Membranes
19. Your Horse (Bonus Track) - Jack Underwood

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25 Dec 2013
A Cerysmatic Factory Christmas 2013 
A Very Cerysmatic Factory Christmas 2013 [photographic manipulation timsinclair.co.uk]

Wishing Factory Records devotees worldwide a very happy Christmas!

Photographic manipulation by Tim Sinclair @ timsinclair.co.uk from an original photo of a photo by Chris.

Also available to download as wallpaper.

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22 Dec 2013
The best way to spread Christmas Cheer... 

... is singing aloud for all to hear!

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21 Dec 2013
Captured Tracks vs Stockholm Monsters? 
A message on Captured Tracks' Facebook page rather suggests that they will re-release material by Stockholm Monsters in 2014.

You may remember that Captured Tracks did several re-releases by The Wake for Record Store Day 2011 and, hey, one of their bands is Thieves Like Us.

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X.O.Dus live and in the studio 
X.O.Dus recording in the studio 2013

X.O.Dus have lined up a couple of gigs with Finnish chums The Blush in January 2014. They play The Lomax in Liverpool on Friday the 10th and Stanley's Cask pub, New Brighton, Wallasey on Saturday the 11th.

The band is also in the studio (see pics) finishing a new EP project for release in New Year.

X.O.Dus recording in the studio 2013

X.O.Dus recording in the studio 2013

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Peter Saville's Personal Style 
GQ.com's Daniel Phelan interviews Peter Saville in Shoreditch about his personal style and recent projects which include Kanye West's logo and loads of deconstructed logos for Lacoste's birthday.

Saville says "The interesting thing is that people are coming up to me and saying 'Peter, what would you like to do?' They're not coming to me with design problems. A personal mission to tidy up the world is not on my agenda. I've done that, that's what I did at Factory. I see things all the time that could be better, but I turn the other way. There's plenty of other people to attend to that."

We also get to learn how Peter got Marc Jacobs to make him his favourite jeans in white.

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The Wake on Soundcloud 
Recovery (Instrumental) and The Sands are just two of the songs on The Wake's Soundcloud which is well worth checking out.

More info via The Wake on Twitter.

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19 Dec 2013
Crispy Ambulance live @ Ruby Lounge, MCR 
Returning ex-FACsters Crispy Ambulance have confirmed on Twitter that their first date will be at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester on Saturday 19 April 2014 which just so happens to be Record Store Day 2014. Section 25 are also on the bill. More details to follow.

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17 Dec 2013
The Wake - Here Comes Everybody [FBN 35 CD] 
The Wake - Here Comes Everybody [FBN 35 CD]

Factory Benelux has announced a new CD edition of the second Factory album by The Wake.

No firm details as yet but we are promised FBN 35 CD will be out soon(ish).

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16 Dec 2013
Noise Annoys 
'Noise Annoys – Early Punk in Manchester' is a punk film night and panel discussion hosted by photographer Kevin Cummins at Kraak in Stevenson Square, Manchester about the post-punk explosion in Manchester arising from the seminal Sex Pistols gigs at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester in 1976.

Kevin will welcome fanzine writer Steve Shy plus Denise Shaw and Dawn Bradbury to the event which will also feature a special screening of the Granada TV 'Brass Tacks' documentary film and a live set by Kill Pretty.

The event is presented in association with the Manchester District Music Archive and admission is free but spaces are limited. Please register for guest list places by emailing: info@mdmarchive.co.uk with 'Noise Annoys Event' in the subject field. Each guest should email MDMA individually.


11 Stevenson Square
Manchester M1 1DB

Friday 10 January 2014
Doors: 7pm

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12 Dec 2013
Space Monkeys Escape from the 20th Century 
Space Monkeys - Escape From The 20th Century

A lost Factory Record is out now after 15 years in the attic. Escape from the 20th Century is the second album by Space Monkeys which was never released.

Available now via iTunes.


Brave New World
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
Dark Star
The Great Space Race
Space Invaders
Speeding In the Chillout Room
Sound of Music
All the March Hares
The Ark

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10 Dec 2013
Justified Fascination 
In a brand new interview with John Doran for The Quietus, ex-Cabaret Voltaire lead man Richard H. Kirk talks mainly about the recent expansive 83-85 Mute box set. However, there's a couple of interesting Factory Records-related snippets in there too...

On the occasion of the opening night of the Hacienda:

"We were mates with the Factory people and we'd worked with them in the past. We'd played the original Factory club at the Russell in Moss Side. I remember when the Hacienda opened up on the Friday night there was a private party which New Order played and it wasn't open to the public. I think we decided not to go to that because we would have ended up fucked up for that Saturday night. [laughs] Because we did like to party, make no bones about it. But I don't think there were that many people there on the Saturday night and the acoustics were absolutely terrible but you know, there was something about that place. Something really good. I went there many, many times and not just to play but to watch bands and to hang out."

On The Final Academy night in Brixton (immortalised in the Ikon video 'The Final Academy Documents [IKON 9]'):

"Yeah. Well, as you know we were all mates with Throbbing Gristle who had sadly split up and then Sleazy and Gen went on to form Psychic TV and we were kind of involved in that a little bit. We made a video piece for a Psychic TV release, that I don’t think ever saw the light of day and obviously being totally into [William] Burroughs it just seemed like it would be fantastic. Brion Gysin was there. John Giorno was there. Psychic TV, Last Few Days and maybe 23 Skidoo as well. We were performing more of a low key ambient piece where the films were important and the soundtrack less so."

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8 Dec 2013
The Delaplains - The Other You EP [VR 004] 
The Delaplains - The Other You EP [VR 004]

Up-and-coming Manchester indie pop band The Delaplains have their second release, The Other You EP out now via the burgeoning Vinyl Revival label. The three tracks are The Other You, Bones & Sheena's Always Late are replete with jangly guitars, cutting melodies and the self-assurance of a band on the rise.

The Other You EP is released on limited edition 7" vinyl via Vinyl Revival, 5 Hilton Street, Manchester M4 1LP. The Factory connection (other than the Vinyl Revival one) is that sleeve artwork is by Trevor Johnson. Email vinylrevival@btinternet.com for more info and ordering details.


Artist: The Delaplains
Title: The Other You Ep
Format: Limited Edition 7" Vinyl
Label: Vinyl Revival
Catalogue Number: VR004

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5 Dec 2013
Not just the 5th member of Joy Division... 
... or the third member of The Durutti Column.

Martin Hannett was Factory Records' genius in-house producer, musician and sonic experimenter. A new 4-hour reportage-style documentary filmed over many years and to be released next year will explore his life in interviews with an extensive cast including Tony Wilson, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Bruce Mitchell, CP Lee, Tosh Ryan, Lindsay Reade, George Borowski, Kevin Hewick, Mick Middles, Victor Brox, Bob Dickinson, Julia Adamson, Reni, Andy Spearpoint (New FADS), Wendy Hannett, Vini Reilly, Tina Simmons, Bono (audio only) and Mark Radcliffe.

The project was conceived by Anthony Ryan Carter and initiated in the 90s with interviews carried out by Jon Ronson and Tosh Ryan. It was then shelved until being resurrected by Chris Hewitt and Tom Hewitt with new interviews carried out from 2009 to 2013 and is set for release on dvd in the spring.

He wasn't just the 5th member of Joy Division - Martin Hannett

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Giant Star live @ Carson's Bar, Middleton 
Giant Star live at Carson's Bar, Middleton 22 December 2013

Giant Star are ending the Year Of The Snake with a bang with a Christmas party with special guests at Carson's Bar in Middleton, Manchester on Sunday December 22nd from 8pm til late. Ex-Space Monkey man Richard McNevin-Duff will also play a solo acoustic set.


Carson's Bar
38-42 Townley Street
M24 1AS

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4 Dec 2013
A Certain Ratio live @ Under The Bridge 
A Certain Ratio live @ Under The Bridge 21 Feb

ACR have announced a one-off London gig at Under The Bridge in Fulham on Friday 21 February. The night's Special Guests are still to be announced but tickets are on sale now and there's an Early Bird deal via the promoters AGMP.

A Certain Ratio + Special Guests

Under The Bridge, Fulham

Friday 21 February 2014

Tickets available priced 15.00 GBP (Early Bird) and 20.00 GBP (Full Price) are on sale now via AGMP Events.


Under The Bridge
Stamford Bridge
Fulham Road
London SW6 1HS

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2 Dec 2013
Crispy Ambulance live on two 2014 nights 
Crispy Ambulance has announced a comeback via their brand new Twitter account which states that the band, who haven't gigged since around 2007, will play two live dates in 2014.

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The Names - In Time [FBN 112 CD] 
The Names - In Time [FBN 112 CD]

The Names, the Belgian new wave group best known for their classic recordings with Factory Records, Factory Benelux and Les Disques du Crépuscule release a new collection of studio material entitled 'In Time' via Factory Benelux on 10 February 2014.

In Time comprises selected tracks from two previous studio albums released in 1997 and 2009. Replete with striking cover art and typography by the master himself, Benoît Hennebert, the music is conceptually split into into contrasting 'day' and 'night' 'sides' with both dynamic modern rock songs and longer, more contemplative tracks.

Highlights include Halloween In June featuring Isabelle Antena on guest vocals and Zeroes which is the band's tribute to their late, original producer Martin Hannett.

In Time will available to buy via Factory Benelux mailorder.


Flesh Wounds
Halloween In June
I Am the Rain
This Teflon Skin
The Tether Ends Here
Wild World
Friendly Fire
The Fall
In Time


Artist: The Names
Title: In Time
Label: Factory Benelux
Catalogue number: FBN112CD
Released: 10 February 2014
Format: CD

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ESG live @ Factory 251 4th Birthday 
ESG live @ Factory 251 4th Birthday

ESG play Factory 251 in Manchester on Sunday 19 January 2014 as part of their last ever UK tour which features dates at Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, London's Koko and Think Tank in Newcastle.

Support comes from Stonelove DJs plus further bands to be announced. This date also forms part of 251's 4th birthday celebrations.

Tickets are on sale now via TicketWeb and Piccadilly Records.

Full January 2014 itinerary

Fri 17 - Koko, London [Buy tickets]
Sat 18 - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds [Buy tickets]
Sun 19 - Factory 251, Manchester [Buy tickets]
Mon 20 - Think Tank, Times Square, Newcastle-upon-Tyne [Buy tickets]

More info at ESG's official website and Facebook.

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1 Dec 2013
Madchester - Fashion, Music, Style 
Madchester - Fashion, Music, Style

madchester.com is the new venture by those Donnelly Brothers, Anthony and Christopher. Just launched, it promises to deliver "... all the iconic music, fashion and moments from then through to now ... curated by you, the fans".

It's early days yet but a full site is promised soon and there is a mailing list to sign up to for updates.

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