30 Jun 2005
Ego In Exotica Sum @ The Green Room 
News from bitingtongues.com:

On Friday 24 June 2005 various members of Biting Tongues and Toolshed performed 'Ego In Exotica Sum' in memory of Martin Denny at Manchester's Green Room. There are photos courtesy of Graham Massey.

Howard Walmsley's film, 'Earthquakeland' was also shown and featured music by Graham Massey. The new website www.earthquakeland.com features a trailer. A limited edition release of the soundtrack on cd is currently under consideration.

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29 Jun 2005
New Order digital downloads and DVDs galore 
New Order's latest single Jetstream is now available as a Digital Single via iTunes which features exclusive remixes.


Jetstream (Radio Edit)
Jetstream (Richard X Remix)
Jetstream (Jacques Lu Cont Remix "2nd Mix")
Jetstream (Richard X Remix)
Jetstream (Arthur Baker Remix)
Jetstream (Tom Neville Remix)
Jetstream (Pete Heller Remix)
Krafty (The Passengerz Club Mix)
Krafty (DJ Dan Dub Remix)

The new Pete Heller mix is a lengthy retread. Of the additional Krafty mixes, the DJ Dan Dub Remix is a US Warner Bros promo, the DJ Dan vocal version (also a promo; from the 2x12" WB 0-42800) and is available on the digital album 'New Order: Best Remixes' (also available from all good digital online sellers). The trancey Passengerz Club Mix is brand new.

Meanwhile, the next single off the new album is the title track 'Waiting For The Sirens' Call' and it's out in August.

Rhino will be releasing a DVD compilation of all New Order videos in September. There will be two new videos for old songs (Ceremony and Temptation) directed by Michael Shamberg. The sleeve will be designed by Peter Saville.

New Order filmed the New York (Hammerstein Ballroom) show during their mini US tour, and London (Hyde Park) as well. There is a possible DVD release of those two shows later in the year.

Thanks to OMNY/NOOL.


28 Jun 2005
The Beauty of the Empty Vessel 
The Occasional Keepers are Bobby Wratten (The Field Mice) with Caesar and Carolyn Allen (The Wake), plus guests. The minimalist and meditative debut album is released by LTM and was recorded and produced by Ian Catt (St Etienne) in April 2005. The album is available direct from LTM ahead of the July in-store date.


The Bracken
Rose-Scented Fire
J. Carpenter Kid
Of Nightingales
Concrete Music
In Quiet Isolation
North Sea Rig
The Crackle of Debris
The Last Lighthouse Keeper

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24 Hours, 5 members 
The line-up when 24 Hours play live at the Kings Arms, Salford this coming Sunday will be:

Jez Kerr - vocals +
Raz Ullah - electronics/guitar
Pete Philipson - guitar
Luke das Gupta - keyboards/trumpet
Brian Edwards - drums

Raz, Pete and Brian also make up half of experimental folkies Starless & Bible Black.


The Durutti Column's Sonar setlist 
The Durutti Column played the following compact nine song set on 17 June at Sonar:

Woman (Tempus Fugit varietal)
Sketch for Summer
Cool/Girlfriend (untitled new song played on the radio and at recent gigs)
Untitled for You
The Beggar
Requiem for My Mother

Thanks to Andrea Comiskey for info.


27 Jun 2005
Read it up and start again 
Check out Simon Reynolds's site for two extra bits that were excluded from his excellent Rip It Up and Start Again book. First there's a fairly straight discography (20 pages or so) and second, a more narrative 58-page(!) discography. Good luck!


24 Hours live @ Kings Arms, Salford 
24 Hours, the side project of A Certain Ratio bassist Jez Kerr, will be playing their debut gig at the Kings Arms, Salford on Sunday 3 July.

2 laptops, guitar, bass, drums and trumpet will rock the tiny stage in a sci-fi punk funk style. It's the first great gig of the summer and one everybody will claim they were at in years to come.

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25 Jun 2005
New Order's setlist @ Wireless, Hyde Park 
The setlist annotated with choice banter from Bernard (and occasional Hooky):

1. Crystal
["Sorry about the rain, we must've brought it down from Manchester"]
2. Regret
["You gotta think of a better line than that. Even we can. OK. This is Krafty. . No it's not. It's Love Vigilantes."]
3. Love Vigilantes
["Fuck me. I know we're stupid Mancunians but we know the name of our group! This one IS Krafty."]
4. Krafty
["Let's do True Faith cos my SG's not working"]
5. True Faith
["How are we doin' Rog? Any good news for me? OK, we're gonna do Transmission, a Joy Division song."]
6. Transmission
["OK, I know it's a cliche but is everyone having a good time?"]
7. Run Wild
["Anyone got hayfever? Come backstage after and I'll give yer a snort of somethin' that'll sort ya out. Allereze"]
8. Jetstream
["OK, we just gotta tune up for a sec. Just to prove it's not all on tape."]
9. Waiting for The Sirens' Call
["Thang you very much!"]
10. Bizarre Love Triangle
["Anyone got a spare set of lungs out there?" Hooky - "That's the worst example of dad-moshpit-dancing I've ever seen. You must all be over you bunch of mad fookin daft bastards. This is the first ever indie song."]
11. Love Will Tear Us Apart
["This is the 2nd ever indie song"]
12. Temptation
[Bernard apologised for ongoing tech problems. Hooky - "I'd like to dedicate this to everyone who can't be here tonight"]
13. Atmosphere
["Phil wants to do She's Lost Control"]
14. She's Lost Control
["It's Blue Fuckin' Monday. But we love it."]
15. Blue Monday



24 Jun 2005
A Certain Ratio live @ Cargo 
A Certain Ratio will play at Cargo, London EC2 on Thursday 11 August 2005. This performance ties in with 3 ACR LPs that have just hit the shops. 2005 has seen the re-release of 'ACR Live In America' on Melodic Records during May. The band's fourth release, 'I'd Like To See You Again' was re-released by LTM in June 2005 and a new release – 'ACR Live in Holland' (again through LTM) in July. Listen to audio samples frmo these 3 albums via www.muffjam.com.

This is ACR's first London performance for 2 years. The show will also include the rare opportunity for true fans to see them perform with the original hand made Standard 8 visuals used during some of their first ever shows in 1978.

A Certain Ratio with DJ support from Greg Wilson + Muffjam residents Sam Seed and Mr Tasty

Kingsland Viaduct
83 Rivington Street
London EC2A 3AY

Date: Thursday 11 August 2005
Time: 7pm – 1am
Cost: 12.00 GBP on the door on in advance from Ticket Web via www.muffjam.com

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That's what it feels like - ACR in the studio 
A Certain Ratio were in Manchester's Cutting Room studios on 17/18 June recording new material for the first time since the 'Starlight' sessions. The core line-up of Donald Johnson (drums / percussion), Jez Kerr (bass, vocals, samples), Martin Moscrop (guitar) and Tony Quigley (sax, keyboards) augmented by Liam Mullen (keyboards) laid down three tracks developed in recent rehearsal sessions. Cerysmatic Factory filmed the sessions for future web broadcast. Photo gallery coming soon.

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22 Jun 2005
The Adventure Babies live in Stafford 
The very very very last gig this Saturday at Stafford Rangers Social Club approaches and here's the latest on the possible line-up:

The 'full time' band on the night should be something like:

Matt Tedstone (vocals, possible Wurlitzer)
Dave Atherton (guitar, vocals)
Ken Hughes (keys)
Roger Johns (drums, bv's)
Dave Hall (bass, bv's)

Plus various cameo appearances are rumoured (with various levels of possibility from * to *****) by:

Phil Goodall (vocals) *****
Scott Kennedy (percussion) *****
Eddie Morton (guitar, vocals) ***
Rich Hall (bass, no relation to Dave, and not the craggy faced US comedian) **
Dave Birch (AdBabs other drummer who also played with Dave Hall, Dave Atherton, and Ken in 'Parker', our other band) *
Maxine Bailey (vocals)... very very slight possibility *

Astute sports fans will note that this is equivalent to a footy team. Yet Dave H's suggestion of getting a full set of Brazil shirts was not taken seriously for some reason...


21 Jun 2005
'My Life As A Fairy Tale' ticket update 
From the House of Tomorrow newsletter:

Single ticket sales are now open for 'My Life as a Fairy Tale', Stephin Merritt (The 6ths) and Chen Shi-Zheng's operatic work based on the life and work of Hans Christian Andersen. Performances are at 8pm on 27, 29 & 30 July at New York's Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College.

More info at lincolncenter.org


20 Jun 2005
Greetings Number Two 
Following on from the successful event featuring the screening of the rare Factory Flick, Ikon& presents an evening of archives films about Fac 51 The Hacienda.

Greetings Number Two

Ikon& presents
'The Ghosts of The Hacienda'
Part 1
Visions of Empty

An apparition of videos from the early years including off-air treats of Dr Fraser Diagram, Mr Ginger and Mr Tony.

The Building of the Hacienda. The Daylight Hacienda.The Dissertation Hacienda. Fiona on the door. Claude in the cellar. Sooty in the Bunker.

Rare and unseen visuals of music vendors: New Order, The Smiths, Opening Night with ESG, Bunnymen, Teardrops, John Giorno, Virgin Prunes, Dome, ACR, James, Violent Femmes and a lot more where that came from.

Wednesday 13 July 8pm
5.00 GBP

70 Victoria Street
Blackburn BB1 6DN
Tel: 01254 55607

With love from Brian, Jamie and Armchair Malcolm
ikonand @ yahoo.co.uk

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19 Jun 2005
Bill Drummond on the Leigh Festival in the OMM 
Bill Drummond (the author furthermore known as founding father of the JAMMS and the KLF) expounds on the legendary but very poorly attended Leigh Festival (Fac 15) in the Observer Music Monthly's timely article featuring celebrities recalling their festival experiences.

In this extract Bill recalls how it all started: "Ring, ring. I pick up the phone: 'Bill, is that you?' And before I had time to say yes, or no, or you've got the wrong number, he's off. It's always the same with Tony Wilson. 'I've got this idea, we do a festival, we call it Factory Meets Zoo Halfway. We have it halfway between Manchester and Liverpool. You bring your bands and I bring mine.' 'Whereabouts?' 'Leigh, I've got the field booked, staging, the PA and lights. It's going to be on ...' 'Who is going to promote it, Tony?' 'Don't worry Bill, people will come.'"

Yes, but sadly not many of them.

The same article also features Doves' Jimi Goodwin on his first festival experience which was Deeply Vale.

Is there ever an OMM that doesn't mention Joy Division...

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18 Jun 2005
The Durutti Column live at Sonar 2005 
Relive The Durutti Column's performance at Sonar 2005 courtesy of Radio 1, which is giving the festival extensive coverage. Sonar finishes today in Barcelona but thanks to the Listen Again facility you'll be able to catch at least some of the show some time over the next week or so.



15 Jun 2005
Tony and Yvette's blue sky thinking 
'Pop impresario' Anthony Wilson talks to Helen Carter in today's Guardian about "how curry by the canal, a 'fashion tower' and Philippe Starck garden sheds would regenerate east Lancashire."

Wot no lofts?

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The Durutti Column for Dpercussion 
The Durutti Column is one of a host of Manchester bands playing the free Dpercussion festival at Castlefield on 6 August. Bez's group Domino Bones is also in the line-up. There will be 5 stages and 100 artists and over 40,000 people are expected.

Line-up includes:

Badly Drawn Boy
Black Twang
Broke N English
Domino Bones
The Durutti Column
Fear of Music
Stephen Fretwell
The Longcut
Mitchell Brothers
My Computer


Thanks to Mike and Phil.


11 Jun 2005
LTM's Factory back catalogue on iTunes 
This isn't new news but following on from the post about Quando Quango downloads, not only is the entire Quando Quango LTM back catalogue available in the iTunes Store (at least in the US) but also a wide range of (ex-) Fac artists can be found there too including The Wake, The Names, Thick Pigeon, Section 25, Stockholm Monsters, Revenge, Anna Domino, Kalima and Crispy Ambulance. Still waiting on Cath Carroll and recent catalogue additions A Certain Ratio.

LTM Publishing

Thanks to Mike.

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10 Jun 2005
Quando Quango downloads now available 
It is now possible to buy Quando Quango tracks directly as downloads. For starters there's LTMCD 2360 'Pigs and Battleships', the original Factory album plus extra tracks issued by LTM in 2003. The classic 1985 single 'Genius' (Fac 137), produced by Mark Kamins, is also available. Both are available from Artistdirect. Alternatively you might like to search on MSN Music which also offers the two Quando tracks from LTMCD 2377 'Cool As Ice: The BE Music Productions' (Atom Rock and Love Tempo).


9 Jun 2005
Tony Wilson @ In The City Interactive 
There's an article by Joe Fay on illegal mp3 downloading on The Register. This issue is back in the spotlight again after the launch of a campaign to make parents more aware of what their children are downloading (legally and otherwise). In a debate at the In The City Interactive conference in London on Tuesday, Tony Wilson challenged the BPI on their tactics. He also made the amusing observation that "The perception is musicians like music, the record industry guys like money. The reality is the exact opposite musicians are penny pinching fuckers."

Thanks to C.

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8 Jun 2005
The Young Offenders Institute plus others live 
Two gigs by The Young Offenders Institute top and tail a busy June for (ex-) Factory bands. They play Club Nirvana in Wigan on 11 June (this Saturday) and return to Manchester on 16 July where they play Dry Bar.


11 - The Young Offenders Institute, Club Nirvana, Wigan
16 - The Durutti Column - Sonar Festival, Barcelona
16 - Kevin Hewick, Acoustic Night at Firefly
24 - Biting Tongues - Film Event, The Green Room, Manchester
24 - Blurt - And Did We Mention Our Disco, Plastic People, London
24 - Kevin Hewick, Firefly, Leicester
24 - New Order - Wireless Festival, Hyde Park
25 - The Adventure Babies - Stafford Rangers Social Club, Stafford
25 - Kevin Hewick, The Criterion, Leicester (15:00-17:00)
25 - Kevin Hewick, The Pride of Leicester (20:30-23:00)
29 - Kevin Hewick, Progress Bar, Tufnell Park, London
30 - Kevin Hewick, Kevin Hewick, The Half Time Orange, Leicester


16 - The Young Offenders Institute, Dry Bar, Manchester

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5 Jun 2005
The New Worthy Originals 
An unforeseen glitch in the first of the mp3s of The Adventure Babies' album 'Worthy Originals' has now been corrected. The track now runs for its full length instead of stopping short on 1'22".


4 Jun 2005
The Adventure Babies free mp3 downloads 
Check out the free mp3 downloads of the long-lost second album by The Adventure Babies. When Factory went bust not only was their third single Fac 357 'Laugh' scuppered but the band went back to their day jobs. However, they continued to make music. Matt Tedstone and Dave Atherton recruited more mates, and went back to the studio to record the self-financed album 'Worthy Originals'. With thanks to Dave.


Blurt live @ And Did We Mention Our Disco 
Blurt play live at 'And Did We Mention Our Disco?' in London on 24 June.

And Did We Mention Our Disco?
Friday 24 June 2005
Plastic People
147-149 Curtain Road
London EC2A
Doors: 10:30pm - 3:30am.
Admission: 7.00 GBP (discounts available from www.ourdisco.com


1 Jun 2005
That Durutti Column live @ Oklahoma 
From 8 May 2005 at Oklahoma, Manchester:

Cool [new song that has been performed on Mark Radcliffe's and Gideon Coe's radio shows]
Sketch for Summer
Untitled for You
Salford Harmonics
Someone Else's Party
Friends in Belgium
Storm for Steven
Unknown [new song]
4 Sophia
Opera II


Thanks to Mike Mitchell of the Durutti Column Gigography.

-- --

Happy Birthday Steven!


New Happy Mondays discography site now online 
Several years after Factory Records Limited first said: "and by the way, the one thing really missing from the e-world is a site devoted to one of the finest bands in the history of rock and roll and or civilisation - the Happy Mondays. It will be tough for us to get it together but if some nerd who did too much e is out there, a geek who knows that 'Kinky Afro' is the finest musing on parenthood since Yeats's 'Prayer for my Daughter', and he wants to put a little baggy (no longer an insult but a reference to the rolling rhythms created when mid 80's Detroit met Little Hulton) HTML up there, Factory will give support and content, endlessly. The web's wonderful except no Mondays. Please help and we'll help you." - the wait is over. Check out Sebfact's brand new A Happy Mondays Discography which has just launched. It features the complete works broken down by albums, singles, videos, compilations, soundtracks and mixes. Nice one. Top. Sorted.

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