30 Oct 2004
Westside! The brand new video game 'Grand Theft Auto III San Andreas' was launched today. The character of 'Maccer' is voiced by Shaun William Ryder himself as proved by the stellar castlist. By some bizarre coincidence (or genial marketing skill?) there happens to be a website purporting to be a famous Salfordian / Mancunian called, wait for it, Maccer. And there's a link to it at computerandvideogames.com. None of the other characters in the game, voiced by luminaries such as Ice-T and Samuel L. Jackson, appear to have a similar website. Go figure. Thanks to Moist.
29 Oct 2004
The Factory catalogue parts 17 to 24 
In the ongoing occasional serialisation of the Factory Shareholder's Analysis brings us to the END OF YEAR '80 edition:

[Fac 17, promised at the end of the September 1979 analysis is mysteriously omitted]

FAC 18 Section 25/"Girl's Don't Count". Reissued early December in 12" version. Horrendous sleeve courtesy of musicians. Nice collage though. S25, "most underrated ...... in the country" ....re K.Hewick. S25 also FAC BEN and video; next project for them, an album, recording February. Single 12" 45 rpm

FAC 19 John Dowie/"hard to be an egg" this has taken a long time to get out, but it has been worth it. Factory's first major assault on Radio Two. Secret deely sleeve concept. Of note: Hannett/Hopkins cello effects plus, Easter single tactic. Out late Feb early March.7" 45 rpm

FAC 20 "Too young to know...too wild to care". The film has become a video.. has become a series of surrealistic sketches. Will change again. No date No time.

FAC 21 The badge; April '81. Enamel and chrome "F" as in "fractured. Small. Black or maroon with silver/cream. Possibly. Contact Better badges, Jolly, Portobello Road..... and ask him about bootlegs. He can be embarrassed.

FAC 22 A Certain Ratio/"SFlight". Fine. Out now. Don't you feel bad about not buying FAC 5 when you had chance. Label on 22 was wrong due to consistent mind-changing over just what was the single track side. The one with the Bonne engraving IS "Flight". 12" 45 rpm

FAC 23 Joy Division/"Love will tear us apart" Available in 7" or 12". Sound quality on double B-side much better on 12". Obviously.

FACT 24 A FACtory Quartet/The Durutti Column, Kevin Hewick, Blurt, the Royal Family and the Poor. Double album.. Bit late; sleeve delays, lots of embossing. Four very different approaches to the idea of saying something. Vini&Kevin may do joint 4-set gigs in New Year. Blurt doing something for FAC BEN next and the Royal Family may get into xxxxxxxxxx. O.K. 2@ 12" 33 rpm

Thanks to Sebfact for transcription.

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X-Rated Factor 
Popbitch carries this great story, complete with spelling mistakes, about the lengths to which Factory would go to save money (shurely "waste money". Ed.):

"How Sean got his happy mondays, tuesdays... X Factor contestant Rowetta used to sing with Happy Mondays. During the group's heyday Sean Ryder got massively addicted to phone sex lines, and ran up thousands of pounds worth of bills for Factory Records.

To try and keep costs down Factory supremo Tony Wilson got Rowetta to call Sean and talk dirty to him at least four times a day instead."

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John Leckie 
John Leckie, "legendary British producer" (although he denies thinking that about himself) answers Poptones' Questions of Doom this week.

Mainly non-Fac but contains a brief mention of his latest job producing New Order's new album.

Thanks again to Mike on Faclist for spotting.

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28 Oct 2004
Vinyl Revival 
Vinyl Revival, Manchester has launched its new website www.vinylrevivalmcr.com for the sale of loads of Manchester-related music, memorabilia, t-shirts and posters.

Well done Colin! Of course, if you're in Manchester, why not visit the shop itself at 5 Hilton Street in the Northern Quarter.

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27 Oct 2004
Beautiful Losers 
Part 1 of the Beautiful Losers Silkscreen Portfolio is now available, featuring work by Ed Templeton, the designer of record covers for Hopper.

Each print has been published in an edition of 200, numbered and signed by the artists. Iconoclast Editions is proud to offer prints by the following artists as Part 1 of the Beautiful Losers Portfolio: Mike Mills, Ed Templeton, Chris Johanson, Harmony Korine, Jo Jackson, Tobin Yelland, Terry Richardson, Cheryl Dunn, Geoff McFetridge, Cynthia Connolly, Ari Marcopoulos, Rostarr, Craig R. Stecyk III, Glen E. Friedman, Evan Hecox, Andy Jenkins, Wes Humpston, Ryan McGinness and Henry Chalfant.

The Beautiful Losers Portfolio will be complete when Part 2 is published and available in February 2005 in conjunction with the exhibit's Opening at the Orange County Museum of Art on February 5th, 2005. Each print measures 16x20 inches and is available individually as well as a complete set. The first 30 [Numbers 1 through 30] of each edition will be offered only as a complete Beautiful Losers Portfolio. The complete Portfolio will include a print by each artist, packaged in a custom box with a signed and numbered Title Page.

Ed Templeton
Wasted space is... , 2004
Handmade silkscreen and pencil on soft white acid free archival paper
16 x 20 inches
Edition of 200
Numbered and signed by the artist
Published On The Occasion Of The Exhibit "Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art and Street Culture", 2004

Thanks to the Iconoclast mailing list for info.


Let's all have a debate 
Check out the new Cerysmatic Factory Forum (or 'message board' if you will) which has been launched due to popular request.

Many thanks to Iain for all his help in getting this off the ground.


26 Oct 2004
John Peel 
John Peel has died aged 65. He had a heart attack whilst on holiday in Peru with his wife Sheila. His career in broadcasting had spanned a remarkable 40 years. This very sad news has come as a great shock to the world of music. Read the BBC News obituary here.

Here is a selection of Factory bands spanning 3 decades that recorded Peel Sessions: Joy Division, New Order, OMD, Happy Mondays, Section 25, The Wake, Crispy Ambulance and Hopper.

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25 Oct 2004
We call him Massey 
BBC Manchester has a great interview with Graham Massey to tie into the recent release of the 808 State / New Order acid house remixes. The following extract explains the tracks' origins: "Dating back to 1988, the tunes were never intended for release but were staples of 808 State's early live gigs. 'We used to do them in our set really early on because it was just something that people would recognise,' says Massey. 'It was kind of catering a little bit because the rest of it was so abstract.' The Blue Monday remix was also used as an unofficial theme tune to Jon Da Silva’s legendary Hot night which ran at the Hacienda between June and December 1988 - acid house’s extended summer of love."

Read the full article here.

More Manchester music news from the BBC available here.

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22 Oct 2004
Questions of Doom 
Graham Massey answers Poptones' Questions of Doom this week, starting off with the excellent "What led you from the doom and gloom Factory scene of Biting Tongues to acid house?".

Thanks to Mike Stein on Faclist for the link.

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City Fun 
Tony Hawk's Underground 2, the sequel to the hit video game, features Warsaw by Joy Division on the soundtrack along with about 50 other tracks ranging from hip hop to metal via punk.

Don't forget that in case you missed it on Sunday, Channel 4 is repeating its UK Music Hall of Fame programme tonight at 11.40pm.


21 Oct 2004
He couldn't resist 
Moby is planning to include a cover of New Order's Temptation on his new album due for release in March 2005 according to this story on NewOrderOnline.com


19 Oct 2004
No Pain, No Gain 
This is the title of a forthcoming live album by Revenge to be released on LTM in February 2005. It features the whole of their 1991 performance at Cities In The Park in Manchester's Heaton Park, an event which also featured Electronic (with guests Pet Shop Boys), Happy Mondays (finishing the Pills 'n' Thrills tour), The Durutti Column, The Wendys, The Adventure Babies, Cath Carroll and by-then-non-Factory acts A Certain Ratio and The Railway Children. The remainder of the 14-track CD is from a show in Kawasaki, Japan, several months later.

Artist: Revenge
Title: No Pain, No Gain (Live 1991)
Label: LTM
Format: 1CD (14 tracks)
Catalogue number: LTMCD 2413
Release date: 7 February 2005

LTM also has the following new CD titles in stock (as usual, you can order any of them direct from LTM ahead of the store release dates):

Paul Haig LTMCD 2408 Rhythm of Life / New York Remix
Severed Heads LTMCD 2404 Rotund for Success
The Room LTMCD 2416 In Evil Hour/Clear

Also in the works at LTM are two new dvd releases. The Wake (Live at the Hacienda and Section 25 (A SXVV DVD) are slated for release early next year. More details soon.

Thanks to James at LTM.

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18 Oct 2004
Get Loaded Presents 
On Thursday 4 November 2004, "An Audience with Shaun Ryder and Tony Wilson" followed by DJ sets from Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays), Tony Wilson (Factory Records / Hacienda), Peter Hook (New Order), Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets), Shaun Keaveny (XFM) and Kav (Sonic Audio / Happy Mondays).

Shaun 'n' Tony will be on stage from 7.30–8.30pm, answering questions from the audience and having a general debate about all things music, plus reflecting back on the heady days of the Happy Mondays in their prime, Factory Records, the Hacienda, 24 Four Hour Party People the film and alike. You can send in your questions in advance.

XFM's Shaun Keaveny presides before Kav kicks off the indie/dance/northern soul/funk/breaks soundtracks behind the decks from 8.30pm.

Following on from his opening appearance, Tony Wilson will be spinning his all time Top 20 tunes. He likens the experience to "being your personal iPod for the evening, carefully selecting and programming a series of music into a particular order to make people dance".

Shaun Ryder / Shaun Keaveny, New Order's Peter Hook, Inspiral Carpets man Clint Boon and complete the DJ line-up.

Get Loaded
Thursday 4 November
8.30pm - 3am
5 / 4 (NUS) Entry
2-4-1s at the bar (7.30-10pm)

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Fraternal greetings 
From the Factory Shareholder's Analysis 1979, Fac 14-16 (with teaser for 17-21):

FACT 14: The Durutti Column; 12" LP 33 and a third. Instrumental album by (as in composed/played) Vinny Reilly and Gordon Smith guitar. Produced by martin hannett, to be issued in Mid October in sandpaper sleeve plus Flexi disc test card by M.Zero. Confusacritic time.

FAC 15: 'Zoo meets Factory half way': Leigh open air pop festival, Bank Holiday Monday, Aug 2 '79. Poster and event. CChaos, Distractions, ACRatio, Teardrop OMITD, Echo and B.? Joy Division. 'A staggering event'(Ss) 300 White on black posters; all put up.

FAC 16: A Certain Ratio; four track demonstration/seven tracks; featuring post-modern funk classic, 'Flight' For possible release(200) on cassette. Lateoct.

FAC 17 & 18 & 19 & 20 & 21: see next issue. Fraternal greetings to jean-pierre Turmel, the Scala, City Fun, Final Solution, Naylor's abrasives, KTIM SF, Greg Shaw, Jurgen Kramer, Uncles Savage / Morley / Penman / Gill / Middles / Bell and of course Uncle John, and Auntie Mary, and Andy Schwartz, Printed Noise, Ed Bahlmann, Zercom/Pacific/R.T./V.W./ and everybody else without those valiant efforts we would never have been able to hire a lawyer. The only alternative to the spectacle becomes the spectacle of the alternative. Discuss.

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Joy Division 
Joy Division were, as promised, among the nominees for entry into Channel 4's UK Music Hall of Fame on last night's show which featured the Eighties. Amongst the clips shown were the promo for Love Will Tear Us Apart. Unlike other notable Halls of Fame around the world, this one is being voted for by the public at large by text, phone and internet. The other nominees included Guns n' Roses, Beastie Boys, Prince and The Smiths.

Vote for Joy Division here.

The show is repeated at 11.30pm on Friday 22 October on Channel 4.


16 Oct 2004
UK Music Hall of Fame 
Revel in the footage of The Smiths, REM and, especially poignantly, Joy Division in UK Music Hall of Fame [n.b.: Channel 4's website is still talking about the Nineties edition of the show], a new entry in the canon of music nostalgia programmes, which this week inducts acts from the 1980s. Features punditry from Paul Morley and Barney Hoskyns and a viewers' vote.

Title: UK Music Hall of Fame
Channel: Channel 4
Date: Sunday 17 October
Time: 9pm - 11.10pm


15 Oct 2004
Change the record 
"The remix - a radical and creative act of musical subversion, or an excuse to ruin a perfectly good song for cash?"

It all depends on who's twiddling the knobs, says Dorian Lynskey in the Guardian Review's entertaining article on the history of the remix to coincide with the imminent release of Depeche Mode's Remixes 81-04.

The paper also compiles its Top Ten Mixes which features New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep Pettibone Extended Dance mix) ["The go-to guy of the 1980s remix scene (Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, Run-DMC) gave New Order one of their biggest US hits."]

Other choice entries include Paid In Full (Coldcut's Seven Minutes of Madness mix) from 1988 and My Bloody Valentine's Soon (Andrew Weatherall mix) from 1990.

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14 Oct 2004
The Durutti Column 
News courtesy of Kooky and Rob S (welcome back!):

- thedurutticolumn.com should at last get secure payment processing next month, definitely by the end of the year.
- the subscription group (which was started to raise funds for the secure site) newsletter (paper copy) is due out late November; the first cd has already been issued.
- there may be some Durutti badges made, since they're enjoying an 80s-style revival in the UK.
- a new album is due to be recorded soon; as usual there will be signed copies available online when it emerges.
- Tempus Fugit sold out its first pressing, but more are on the way.


- there is an advert for The Best Of The Durutti Column in the November issue of UNCUT magazine.


13 Oct 2004
Crossfade: The Big Chill Anthology 
The Big Chill's promotion for the book Crossfade: the Big Chill Anthology continues tonight at the Big Chill Bar where Gonnie Rietveld (ex-Quando Quango and one of the authors of the book) will play some house records (classic old stuff mentioned in the book and lazy jazzy deep house) from 9-12pm. Also, from 6pm, Ally Fogg (aka DJ Enchanted Gordon) will be selecting from his collection of chilled out tunes, in relation to his essay contribution to Crossfade.

Time: Wednesday 13 October, till 12 Midnight
Venue: The Big Chill Bar
Address: Dray Walk off Brick Lane, London E1 6QL
Tel: 020 7392 9180
Nearest tube: Liverpool Street

Read Gonnie's draft of House Music: The Haçienda Must Be Built

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12 Oct 2004
This is Entertainment 
There is a new Cabaret Voltaire dvd out called Doublevision Presents; Cabaret Voltaire. This originally appeared with the catalogue number DV 1 on good old-fashioned video cassette (VHS/BETA) back in the mid-Eighties. Although Doublevision didn't strictly have any connection with Factory (it was a communications company founded by Cabaret Voltaire and Paul Smith in 1982) their releases were officially distributed by Of Factory New York, and appeared in their mail-order catalogue, but they were not assigned OFNY catalogue numbers.

Title: Doublevision Presents; Cabaret Voltaire
Label: Doublevision
Catalogue number: CABS18DVD
Tracklisting: Diskono, Obsession, Trash part 1, Badge of Evil, Nag Nag Nag, Eddie's Out, Landslide, Photophobia, Trash part 2, Seconds Too Late, Extract from Johnny YesNo, Walls of Jericho, This is Entertainment, Moscow

Thanks to C and OMNY.

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The Record of the Week 
The Record of the Week of Piccadilly Records in Manchester is The Best Of The Durutti Column. There is also a short review.


11 Oct 2004
Many Factory projects were unfinished or unreleased (more on those to come) but some simply never got off the ground:

Fac 20 A Certain Ratio Too Young to Know, Too Wild to Care: A film, never made, which was to feature most of the Factory roster, but mainly A Certain Ratio and The Distractions attempting various forms of terrorism around Manchester, kidnapping Ian Curtis and blowing up Joy Division. (Soundtrack was to be by The Durutti Column). Shareholder's statement: "The film has become a video...has become a series of surrealistic sketches. Will change again. No date No time."

Fac 27 Sex Machine Alternative Sleeve: An alternative sleeve for Fac 17, but never issued/completed. This was an abandoned project for an alternative sleeve for Fac 17, but it was never printed. Fac 159 (Tim Difford's Fac Facts Booklet) states 'Cancelled Saville/Gretton revenge programme project for alternative FAC 17 sleeve. £200.00'. The Factory Shareholder's statement says: "£500.00. Rob's got it. Cancelled Saville revenge project for alternate Fac 17 sleeve."

Fac 101 (Tony Wilson's) Lofts: the visionary developer AHW's aborted plan to convert disused warehouses into loft apartments.

Fac 109 Caroline Lavelle Untitled: an unreleased 12" single. Caroline says: "I remember doing the Durutti Column and another few things for Factory and although I did undertake to do some recording under my own name I don't think anything came of it."

Fact 181 Bailey Brothers Mad Fuckers!: possibly the greatest unrealised project rumbled on from 1987 to 1992 and would have been a "youth exploitation" movie. Tony Wilson went to Hollywood to try to raise money for its projected £2.5m budget, an event which itself was Fac 221.

Fac 211 'Book of Ideas': mentioned in the Fact 400 Palatine booklet but never realised. Number also allocated to the Wired Joy Division documentary film.

Fac 237 New Order Here Are the Old Men: unreleased video concept whose proposed title plays on the title of the Fact 37 video by Joy Division.

Fact 254 Durutti Column Guitar One - House and Fact 264 Durutti Column Guitar Two - Acoustic: unreleased Durutti Column projects, presumably in the styles hinted at in the titles.

Fac 270 Various Artists Our Dance Days: a planned 1990 release to consist of Marcel King, 52nd Street, Section 25, and Quando Quango "House remixes" organised by Mike Pickering. The long lost never realised Factory Dance project in essence.

Fac 301 'First 50': a book to have been written by Ikon's Tim Chambers about the first 50 Fac numbers. Number also allocated to the Factory International Congress held at Mottram Hall, Cheshire.

Fac 342 Happy Mondays Charter Clinic

Fac 396 Two Guitarists Still Life: Unrealised Factory Classical project. The only missing piece from 226 to 406.

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The Concept 
John Metcalfe, in the sleevenotes to his album Scorching Bay, explains the background to its recording:

"Technically the composition involved limiting the amount of thematic material and using it in each track with as little incidental music as possible. Each theme could be transposed and used in part or in its entirety but had to maintain its exact rhythm and pitch intervals without variation. What had been melody in one track could form a bassline or motor rhythm in the next. So the first track contains all new themes; by the last track there is only material that has been used several times over."

On the album, John plays violin, guitar and piano in addition to the usual viola that he plays when he guests for The Durutti Column (whose Best Of album is out today - where are the reviews?).

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Another illusion 
The history lesson continues, complete with typos:

FAC 11: Exodus or An Exodus; English Black boys; exactly that and it's also the title of the song; black youth anthem on 45 12inch. They come from Hulme/Moss/Range. Recorded at Cargo Rochdale in June; still waiting for Producer, Denis Bovell to mix it down; he's in the Bahamas this week; on holiday. Now he's got a reasonable economy ... will be released....when Denis gets back.... when?

FAC 12: The Distractions; 'Time goes by so slow' 7inch 45rpm B/W Pillow fight. Reminds the management of AAustinTexas 66 but take your choice. 'lyrical, sophisticated, dynamic'(NME)(who's paying this guy). Distractions are Manchester five piece who signed to island records on Sep 18th'79, due to irresistible desire to play the game. This single has sold out its first 4,200 (2,000 labels went down at the Factory..you've got problems) reprint and press under way even now. First release on Sep 1st '79. The boys and ? are evn now preparing to support the Undertones..thank you Asgard, and will be passing everybody's way in late October.

FAC 13: Joy Division;, 'Transmission' bw 'Novelty'. "Dance dance dance dance dance to the radio" but will they. I.E. the radio one game. Out in Mid October, just in time to miss(by days) Joy Divisions country wide tour supporting Buzzcocks . All these supports/crutches/friends of mine etc. 'Novelty' is just that being the first song ever wrote two years ago. 'transmission' was prmiered, showcased even, on BBC)-2's "Something elsse" show on Sep 15th '79. Should Factory choose (that's another illusion) to play the chart game with FAC 13.....negotiations under way even now with big stall owners; J.Lydon;"we employ them..don't they understand". We're not sure they do;; further instalment next month.

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9 Oct 2004
Fully loaded 
Silent Partners rocked Turnmills on Thursday night as they made their long-awaited debut at Get Loaded. It was a top night all round as it was also Dermo's birthday. Their next gig is at Jabez Clegg in Manchester on Sunday 17 October. Shaun Ryder and Terry Hall also stepped up to the turntables.

4 November sees a Factory triumvirate of Tony Wilson, Peter Hook and Shaun Ryder returning to Turnmills along with Clint Boon (ex-Inspiral Carpets).

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The history lesson of the Factory Shareholders' Analysis continues where it left off with Fact 10: Joy Division; 'Unknown Pleasures'; 33 and a third LP... this was Joy Division's 4th outing on plastic; history includes, two tracks on FAC 2, two tracks on 'Last night at the Circus' on Virgin and their own 12" 45 (also in 7" in plastic sleeve) called 'Ideal for Living' which contained four tracks. FAC 10 finally stirred the critic's hearts; the reticent foursome were soon loved; release was June '79. "This band has tears in its eyes. Their day is closing in." (NME) Sounds backlash only took two weeks; is this a record. People ask about Joy Division, people like the people this is being churned out for. Ian Curtis is the singer and lyric writer; he's just starting to use a guitar onstage; his dancing style has been patented. Steve Morris plays drums (inc. Synar as on 'Insight and S.L.C.') and doesn't like doing interviews if it means he's going to miss his tea. Peter Hook (Hookey) plays bass, shimmys a bit with a bent back stance and is now driving a 'D' reg Jag mark 10 (£55). He wants to do a musical, like Oklahoma. Bernard Dickins plays guitar; he was a designer and is called Barney. Manager is Rob Gretton. cf FAC 13

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7 Oct 2004
Get Loaded 
Get Loaded at Turnmills tonight features Shaun Ryder, Terry Hall and a live set from Silent Partners (on stage at 9.30pm) plus much more. Doors open at 9pm and it's only 5 quid to get in. Happy Birthday Dermo!

Get Loaded

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The 'Original Soundtrack and Score' to cult film Donnie Darko [2001] is now available as a 2-CD set and includes Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division along with The Killing Moon by Echo & The Bunnymen, Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears and many others. LWTUA comes towards the end of the film during the party scene. The song also featured in the gameshow-as-life-and-death-contest movie Series 7: The Contenders which came out the same year.

Title: Donnie Darko - Original Soundtrack and Score
Release date: 4 October 2004
Number of discs: 2
Catalogue Number: SANDD320
Label: Castle


6 Oct 2004
TX New Order 
A classic (read 'old') radio documentary on the group Time Out calls "hugely influential electro-pioneers" and it is being dusted down for airing from 11-14 October at 9.30pm as part of the "BBC 6 Music Plays It Again" thread which is aimed at giving you "the chance to listen to the finest BBC documentaries about the bands who have shaped popular and alternative music in the past 40 years."


5 Oct 2004
Tim Booth 
The former James lead singer who has been steadily touring all year or so it seems, has announced a series of European dates for November. [thanks to oneofthethree.co.uk for info on this and the previous posting]


2 - Lisbon, Portugal, Aula Magna
3 - Porto, Portugal, Hard Club
4 - Madrid, Spain, Moby Dick
5 - Barcelona, Spain, Razzmatazz 3
7 - UK, Glasgow, Cottier Theatre
8 - UK, Leeds, City Varieties
9 - UK, Manchester Northern College Of Music
11 - UK, London ICA
12 - Thessaloniki, Greece, Fix
13 - Athens, Greece, Gagarin 204
14 - Istanbul, Turkey, Venue Meslak

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The Collection 
A budget-priced album of James singles, album tracks and rarities compiled by the webmaster of OneOfTheThree.co.uk (and now timbooth.co.uk) which is out on Monday on the Spectrum Music label.


1. Sit Down
2. English Beefcake
3. Lazy
4. So Long, Marianne
5. Seven
6. Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)
7. Lost A Friend
8. Once A Friend
9. Coffee & Toast
10. Laid
11. Confusion
12. Heavens
13. She's A Star
14. Five-O
15. Out To Get You
16. I Know What I'm Here For
17. Lose Control (McGuire Mix)
18. Gold Mother

Title: The Collection
Release date: 11 October 2004
Label: Spectrum
Catalogue Number: 9824088


10 from 10 
A limited edition compilation album to be released on both CD and 12" vinyl. The tracks are all covers of Manchester songs by Manchester bands. It was recorded "on stolen studio time at Spirit studio in the heart and soul of Manchester". It is currently available on pre-release from Fopp in Manchester only. There is a launch party on Wednesday 13 October at Mint followed by the official release on 1 November.


01 Regret (New Order) Earl
02 On Time (The Bee Gees) Folks
03 Panic (The Smiths) Tricky Nixon
04 The Air That I Breathe (The Hollies) Ammo
05 Country Song (Happy Mondays) Sam Hammond
06 The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get (Morrissey) The Pioneers
07 The Light Pours Out Of Me (Magazine) The Obsession
08 Money's Too Tight To Mention (Simply Red) Blood Red Bird
09 I'm Not In Love (10cc) Escape Pod
10 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division) Hanky Park featuring Peter Hook

Hanky Park are (or were) a Salford band who have been a support act for New Order.

Title: 10 from 10
Release date: 1 November 2004
Label: Concrete Recordings
Catalogue number: CONC003 CD

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Original and modern 
Three months into his job as Creative Director for Manchester City Council, Peter Saville is getting down to the business in the businesss section of the Manchester Evening News on Friday 1 October.

Thanks to Moist.


4 Oct 2004
Manchester District Music Archive 
There's a full report of the Manchester District Music Archive Seminar held at Urbis on 21 September now at mdmarchive.co.uk. This includes not only summaries of all the speeches by the panel of Mark Radcliffe, C.P. Lee, Jon Savage, Guy Garvey and Jan Hargreaves, but also the Q&A session afterwards.


1 Oct 2004
The history lesson (part iv) 
Continuation of an occasional serialisation of the Factory Newsletter and Shareholder's Analysis, September 1979:

Fac 6: Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark (sic); 'Electricity' & 'Almost' 7' 45 rpm. Cult hit, discos even. 5,000 in May'79 in black on black thermographed sleeves. Sold out. Record now licensed to Dindisc, Virgin's new label; to engage in the chart game as of Sep 28th '79. Necessity for licensing 'the best example of this to date'(NME) is regretted but the big stall holders seem to fill the square (chart shops) and subletting is an enforced activity. News; OMITD, both of them are about to signa major record contract, who with.... ask Chester Valentino. That's OMITD manager/mixer; he has changed his name. The boys are support on the Tubeway Army tour. Thanks, Gary; huh.

Fac 7: This is it; finished product will be thermographed grey on white onion skin paper, probably finished by 1981, maybe we can sell some.

Fac 8: Factory egg timer; menstrual art, designed by Linder (Secret Public,Ludus, Orgasm Addict montage) Still on drawing board; A four bar Abacus; 7 beads to the row final five, bload soaked lint; looking for a manufacturer. Perhaps on sale in inaccessible places by Christmas.

Fac 9: Factory Flick; 8ml film, 12 minutes. Based on article in City Fun fanzine by Liz Naylor, 'No city fun' Music by Joy Division; FAC 9 also includes All Night Party, a three minute Lelouch/Popeye is erotic 30's poses montage with music by ACR. Plus Red Dress, a cartoon/animation/unlive action 3 minuter to music by Ludus. These films were shown at the Scala Cinema, Tottenham Court Road, London on September 13th '79. A showing at the Manchester Factory is being planned; also shown at Scala was another 8ml film by Malcolm Whitehead (The first three are by Charles Salem all about guess who..JD..includes live footage of JD at the Bowden Vale youth club doing Shadowplay and She's Lost Control. FAC FLIK plans... tentative..include an all speaking film by Mr Whitehead a spy / thriller / Joseph Conrad / suspense piece by Charles Salem featuring an ACR soundtrack.

Fac 9 (cont): Also planned 'In search of the lost chord' by Salem and Naylor. An SF sojourn through the mathematics of western tonal mathematics. Music by M. Hannett (partner and producer of 5,6,2a,2b,10,13,14,Spiral scraaatch etc NB to NB on Fac 7 - 'sell some' - work on Lost Chord is held up for understandable misgivings on the part of Miss Naylor on the question of this all pervading concept of 'product'. She wants to know when we're going to market toilet paper. Good question. Next.

Thanks to Seb for transcribing duties.

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'Five album cover that rocked the world' by Paul Morley in The Independent on Saturday 25 September. Includes at number 2: Joy Division Unknown Pleasures which he describes as "Peter Saville vs 100 consecutive pulses from the Pulsar CP1919. It came out of nowhere, belonged to no rock design tradition - when you saw it, you just knew it was special."

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