31 Oct 2007
Credit To The Edit 
On Saturday 17 November 2007 (and every third Saturday of the month), DJ Greg Wilson presents Credit To The Edit at The Market Bar in Nottingham. Special guest Maurice Fulton playing alongside Greg Wilson and Nick Shaw from Basement Boogaloo.

For guaranteed entry list send an email to info@credittotheedit.com


Credit To The Edit
The Market Bar
16-22 Goosegate

Admission: 7.00 GBP (6.00 GBP NUS)
A little piece of toast 
Get over to Kooky Records for a taster track called Toast from the new, as-yet-untitled, album by The Durutti Column which is now scheduled for April 2008.


Not everyone is convinced that Tony Wilson was the saviour of Manchester music.


Big Arm's on the road 
In line with their new album's release, Big Arm go on tour from November to January. Some of the dates are as support to Ian Brown.

November 2007

3 - Annual Scooter Club Meeting - Hemsby on Sea (19:00 start)
17 - North Bar, Blackburn
26 - Sands Centre, Carlisle
27 - Academy, Oxford
29 - Academy, Brixton, London

December 2007

7 - Manchester Central (formerly G-MEX), Manchester
14 - Rios, Leeds
21 - The Canteen, Media & Arts Centre, Barrow

January 2008

19 - Pitz Club, Milton Keynes

[all start 20:00 GMT unless stated]
30 Oct 2007
Radiating the Nation 
Big Arm's debut album 'Radiator' is out now via iTunes, HMV and the Big Arm Shop.

The album follows the singles 'Flashbacks' (23 July 2007) and 'Sunrays' (24 September 2007).

The full tracklisting is:

1. Flashbacks
2. In To You Now
3. Get Back
4. Ska 3000
5. Love Is
6. Electra Glide
7. Welcome
8. Sunrays
9. Sweet Soul Music
10. Flexin

Note: the official release date according to Big Arm's MySpace is this coming Monday 5 November but the album already seems to be available from HMV and the Big Arm Shop.
Durutti digital delay 
Kooky news from www.kookydisc.co.uk:

The new Durutti Column album is re-scheduled for release in April 2008 as not to clash with the three other albums due early next year on LTM. In the meantime watch out for an exclusive download of the new track Toast very soon.

2 splendid new Kooky t-shirts will also soon be available direct from the site for 7.50 GBP + 1.00 p&p.

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29 Oct 2007
Battles vs Section 25 
The cover of the new Battles single 'Tonto' would seem to bear more than a passing resemblance to the cover of 'From The Hip' by Section 25 as realised by designer Peter Saville and photographer Trevor Key on a Snowdonia mountainside.

Check the resemblance here.

Are they by any chance related? I think we should be told.

Salut Chris.


In Search of Ian Curtis 
Fotoreportage23 - In Search of Ian Curtis is a new book out on 7 December 2007 by Katka Ruge. A photographic mapping of the places in the story of Joy Division and their singer Ian Curtis and the space he left behind. With contributions from people who knew him, worked with him, or were just inspired by him and the music the band created. Pictures by Katja Ruge and words from, amongst others: Peter Saville, Mark E. Smith, Jarvis Cocker, Phoenix, The Rapture, Karl Bartos, Genesis P. Orridge, Annik Honore, Lindsay Reade, Maximo Park, Terry Mason, Bloc Party, Jose Gonzalez, Nouvelle Vague, Mogwai, Johnny Marr, She Wants Revenge, Anja Huwe (Xmal Deutschland), Karl Hyde / Underworld and the late Tony Wilson.

The book is dedicated to Anthony H. Wilson and Katja, who was once photographic assisntant to Peter Walsh, will be exhibiting the photos at A Factory Night (Once Again) in Brussells, Belgium on 15 December 2007.


Fotoreportage23 - In Search of Ian Curtis
Language: English
144 pages
76 photos and text
Published by www.monitorpop.de
Publication date: 7 December 2007
Cover photo © Mark Reeder

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Distortion of the Magnetic Fields 
From the House of Tomorrow newsletter:

The Magnetic Fields are happy to announce that their new album, titled 'Distortion', will be released on Nonesuch Records on January 15, 2008. The band will perform a small number of U.S. tour dates in February and March. Specific details regarding venues and ticket pre-sales will be announced shortly. Sign up for the House of Tomorrow newsletter for the latest updates.


Sox win! 
Tony Wilson loved baseball according to Phill Jupitus on Five's coverage of the World Series Baseball on Five last night. Apparently Jupitus, himself a very happy Red Sox fan, bought him a copy of seminal baseball book Moneyball.


27 Oct 2007
It doesn't exist 
Question 7 of the The Quiz in today's Guardian magazine is "Which venue was FAC 51?".
26 Oct 2007
Monaco one-off 
A reminder that Monaco will play a one-off set at The Ritz in Manchester this coming Sunday 28th October 2007 for the charity gig 'Oxjam at the Ritz' - the Manchester leg of the country-wide series of fundraising events for UK charity Oxfam.

Hooky told the Manchester Evening News : "I haven't played the Ritz since Rob Gretton's memorial and am very much looking forward to performing there again."

Ex-Happy Mondays man Ben Knott also appears on the bill with Vinny Peculiar.

Tickets, priced at GBP 16.50 are available from Ticketline.

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25 Oct 2007
Manchester's Cornerhouse showed a collection of Anton Corbijn's music video work entitled 'Music To Your Eyes' as part of it's Control season.

The running order in full:

Propaganda - Dr Mabuse
Echo & the Bunnymen - Seven Seas
Depeche Mode - Behind the Wheel
Joy Division - Atmosphere
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Straight To You
Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box
Metallica - Hero Of The Day
Depeche Mode - Barrel Of A Gun
Mercury Rev - Opus 40
U2 - Electrical Storm
Travis - Re-Offender
The Killers - All These Things That I've Done
Don Van Vliet - Some YoYo Stuff (a short film)

Most of these videos are available on the Palm Pictures Directors Label DVD: 'The Work of Director Anton Corbijn'.

Judge for yourselves.


23 Oct 2007
UK Channel 4 will show 4MUSIC: DIESEL U MUSIC AWARDS 2007 this coming Saturday night/Sunday morning 28th October 2007 (12.30am-01.35am).

The 4Music 'Icon' award was won by Joy Division - collected by Peter Hook -whilst the 'Contribution To Music' award was won by Peter Saville.

Additional: there is an interview with Peter Saville in today's MEN to coincide with the awards.

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Missing Link 
Factory Records to Rammstein in three steps:

1. Lavolta Lakota
Lavolta Lakota release 7" single on Factory Benelux. Produced (studio and live) by Be Music (Peter Hook). Following a brief stint by (ex-Stockholm Monsters) Shan Hira, Mike Simkins becomes the second Lav Lak drummer.

2. Boys From Greece
'Mike Simmi' joins goth band BFG. With two albums and various other recordings released on the Attica label, BFG "help define the goth/industrial sound", before splitting in 1991.

3. Rammstein
"18 months ago Attica had an email asking if BFG had any new material as were looking for a support on their World tour".

BFG are recording a new album, 'Pulling Wings From Butterflies', and their eighties single 'Higher Than Heaven' is due to appear in the Record Collector "Top Twenty All Time Goth Hits" chart.

For John and Amy.

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22 Oct 2007
The Whitney Museum of American Art, in New York, NY, will give Lawrence Weiner his first major American museum retrospective from 15 November.

The exhibition 'Lawrence Weiner: AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE' will provide a comprehensive examination of Weiner's remarkable and cohesive oeuvre by assembling key selections and bodies of work from the full breadth of his production, including works on paper, films, videos, books, posters, public commissions, multiples and audio works.

Lawrence Weiner: AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE
15 November 2007 - 10 February 2008

Whitney Museum of American Art
945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street
New York, NY 10021


The Original Resident 
Greg Wilson has an interview with original Haçienda resident DJ Hewan Clarke on his website, electrofunkroots.co.uk.

The following, taken from Greg's MySpace, sets the scene:

"Hewan Clarke is the quintessential Manchester DJ. If medals were given out for services to the city's nightlife, based on overall contribution coupled with sheer longevity, he'd be first in line. As the original Hacienda resident, he was a fixture of the club during its difficult formative years – his perspective on this period absolutely vital for anyone wishing to gain a fuller understanding of the clubs evolution. Yet, rather than being regarded as a central figure in Manchester's rise to prominence during the 80's, the decade in which the city became world-renowned for its dance music scene, Hewan has been cast as little more than a bit part player. Maybe this is because his association with The Hacienda has obscured everything else he's done, not least his time at three of the most influential venues of the pre-Rave era – The Gallery, Berlin and The Playpen (not to mention Moss Side's gloriously notorious Reno). The irony being that The Hacienda could never have exploded in the way it did without these three clubs, along with Legend, laying the groundwork. So, whilst Hewan will always be named in the history books in connection with The Hacienda, his greatest contribution was surely his role as a major player on the all-important black underground."


21 Oct 2007
FAC 2 Owners' Club 
FAC 2 Owners' Club

Instructions for MySpace users:

1. Own a copy of A Factory Sample
2. Take a picture of your copy, and make sure it's either on your main page or in your picture folder
3. Click 'Add to Friends'

Don't know where they got the idea from...
So It (doesn't) Go 
Having provided such a high quality, entertaining evening the previous night, the Cornerhouse rather spoiled its ongoing Control season on Saturday 20th October 2007 with the So It Goes event.

The running order of the matinee show was:

Elvis Costello: 'Alison' (series 2, episode 2)
Elvis Costello & the Attractions: 'Chelsea'; 'Watching the Detectives' (series 2, episode 2)
The Stranglers: 'Somethin' Better Change' (series 2, episode 5)
Sex Pistols: 'Anarchy In The UK' (series 2, episode 8)
The Clash: 'Capital Radio'; 'Janie Jones'; 'Garageland' (series 2, episode 10)
Elvis Costello & the Attractions: 'No Dancing' (series 2, episode 7)
Joy Division: 'Transmission' (BBC Somethin' Else)
Interview: Tony Wilson, Steve Morris (BBC Somethin' Else)
Joy Division: 'She's Lost Control' (BBC Somethin' Else).

Originally described by the Cornerhouse (and posted by cerysmatic) as "A rare opportunity to catch episodes of groundbreaking television", no actual 'episodes' were shown.

Instead, the 60 minute (advertised as 90 minutes) collection of excerpts - all of which have either been shown elsewhere ad nauseam (Sex Pistols), are still available for viewing (Elvis Costello, The Clash) or were not actually 'So It Goes'/Granada footage at all (Joy Division) - were so crudely edited so that even Tony Wilson's links were cut short, often mid-sentence.

Attendees were far from impressed. Apologies to anybody that attended as a result of our posting.

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In Conversation 
Peter Hook treated another Manchester audience to an entertaining, candid conversation and question/answer session on Friday night (19th October 2007) - this time In Conversation with Matt Greenhalgh, script/screenplay-writer of the recent Ian Curtis biopic Control, and Manchester-based journalist/author John Robb.

The event, held at the Cornerhouse gallery/cinema complex as part of its Control season, was attended by Matt's former boss at Manchester's (now defunct) listings magazine 'City Life', Andy Spinoza, and Central Station Design-ers Pat and Karen.

As OMIM was, once again, caught short without any method of recording the evening's extensive dialogue, herewith the main recollections:

On the film itself:
Matt's original script ran to a lengthy 210 pages - with a great deal more character development - but this was always going to be longer that the two hours requested.
Scenes were shot that didn't make it to the final cut.
Matt's treatment was deemed very 'northern' by Hooky, with Anton making a more 'international' film. Both Matt and Hooky would have preferred to see the original screenplay.
Matt wrote the original script without a Director being on board - which is unusual in film production.
Jonathan 'Sexy Beast' Glazer was originally approached to be director, but had other committments.
There were originally two production companies simultaneously attempting to shoot the same film, with two independent scripts being produced (a fact which Matt was completely unaware of).
Matt's real breakthrough with the script came when Annik Honore sent him copies of thirteen letters written by Ian - some of which pre-dated his suicide by a few days. Most of this was cut from the film.
Other scenes that didn't make it into the final version of the film dealt with Deborah Curtis's involvement with mental patients; Ian's fascination with disability and the whole Joy Division nazi thing.
"Tell me about Macclesfield" was a deliberate attempt at northern humour which has largely been misunderstood.

On Ian Curtis and Joy Division:
Ian wrote everything in CAPITAL LETTERS.
Joy Division songs were usually arranged by Ian Curtis during rehearsal jam sessions - which New Order found difficult to reconcile post-JD.
The members of Joy Division hardly ever spoke about the band and their music amongst themselves - the interviews contained in Tom Atencio's forthcoming Joy Division documentary are the first time any of the band have actually heard each other's views.
Like everybody else, it would seem, Hooky was not impressed with the scene in the film that dealt with the recording of 'Isolation'.
The use of actors actually playing the band's music in the film set a new standard in rockumentary film making that will be difficult to surpass.
Ian Curtis was not a very good footballer (but should have made an excellent goalie!).

On other matters Factory:
According to Hooky, Manchester is now known by taxi drivers all over the world for three things (in this order): David Beckham; Manchester United; Twenty-Four Hour Party People.
Factory Records was originally Tony Wilson, Alan Erasmus and the person who first proposed the idea: John Brierley.

Please submit comments and corrections to the message board, and keep an eye out for the whole evening being posted to a certain video website.

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19 Oct 2007
Sharp contrast 
Colin Sharp reviews Control: "This is a film that far exceeds the cultural confines of Factory Records and the prowling pack of devoted Joy Division fans that seem to sometimes jealously guard the legacy and the myth. It is a movie about relationships, confused feelings, unknowable pleasures, domestic pressure, epilepsy, torn loyalties and ripped apart love. It explores the tension between the mundane and the mystical; the banal and the beautiful; poetry and perspiration."

Read the full review here and also in the new edition of True Faith fanzine.

There are other reviews too.

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Less than a day left to win a Control movie poster signed "in black marker pen" by Anton Corbijn (Director), Orian Williams (Producer) and Craig Parkinson (er, Tony Wilson) in a Manchester Evening News competition.

Simply answer this question:

What were Joy Division originally called?

Closing date 19th September 2007.

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18 Oct 2007
Forced Laugh is a new blog "devoted to the art & music of Manchester label Factory records & Factory Benelux". Early postings cover Stockholm Monsters, New Order, Section 25, The Names and much more.

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The Return Of... 
The Durutti Column, while stopping short of announcing any new gigs, have at least broken silence. As reported on kookydisc.co.uk and the official MySpace site, a new album is in the offing on Kooky Records in the New Year.

Moreover, LTM is releasing three back catalogue albums and a new (old) live album in January: Circuses and Bread, Lips That Would Kiss, Fidelity and Live in Bruxelles 13.8.1981.


16 Oct 2007
Shall We Take A Trip Down Linder Lane? 
With all the talk of renaming a Manchester street after Tony Wilson, Cerysmatic's been thinking about who else might be afforded similar treatment:

Gretton Gardens
Hannett House
Peter Saville Row
Cummins Corner
Linder Lane
The Durutti Column (as in Nelson)
52nd Street
... that's it

[with thanks to CP Lee for subconscious inspiration]

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A fake Mexican restaurant on the Costa del Sol 
Ben Kelly fondly recalls the Haçienda in the new issue of i-D magazine*:

"Tony and Rob, in their fabulous naivety, thought that it would be a couple of coats of paint, stick a bar and a toilet and a stage in it and that would be it. They approached me naively, having never commissioned a nightclub before, and I approached them naively, having never done one before. But that turned out to be a strength rather than a weakness. Then Tony told me it was going to be called The Haçienda, which I hated. I couldn't even bring myself to say it. It sounded like it should be a fake Mexican restaurant on the Costa del Sol."

* - also includes several tributes to Tony Wilson, Anton Corbijn on Control, the Haçienda coat check chicks, Ian Tilton, and much more.

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14 Oct 2007
New Order Too 
Bernard says: "We've all been shouting at each other - now we're just arguing about who has custody of the children" on Yahoo News, before going on to reveal "I'm working on some stuff at the moment. Steve is gonna be involved with it, and it's a project called Bad Lieutenant."

Peter says: "If they want to form a New Order 2 then that’s what it should be viewed as" on Gigwise, before going on to reveal that Freebase - his collaboration with Mani and Andy Rourke - have already recorded vocals by Charlatan Tim Burgess, and plan further work with Ian Brown, Pete Wiley, Ian McCulloch, Liam Gallagher and Howard Marks!

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The New Factory 
Paradise Factory, also known as FAC 251, furthermore known as One Charles Street (but actually, if truth be told, called 112 to 116 Princess Street, Manchester) is set to reopen in January 2008 according to Northern Nights.


Not Carry On Factory Records 
The new November issue of Record Collector commemorates the release of Control with a Joy Division cover special featuring extensive new interviews with Hooky, Bernard and Stephen from New Order and director Anton Corbijn. There is also a Joy Division Top Ten Rarities Special.

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13 Oct 2007
Heads: Happy Mondays, Tails: Black Grape 
Shaun and Bez are amongst the Manc music celebs that hang around at The Twisted Melon pub in two eyebrowy.com online cartoons 'The Bloke Out Of Keane' part one and part two.



12 Oct 2007
Peter Saville's Estate: update 
Amazon.com is listing Estate, the long-awaited book from Peter Saville, for pre-order at USD 31.50. Thanks to MS.


:Ritual: Speciale Factory Records - Nessuna Regola! 
Italian music magazine Ritual ("the first Italian goth, dark, electro, industrial magazine") has a 7-page article (in Italian) about Factory Records in their next issue.


The Designer's cut 
Some examples of Control poster designs that were not chosen for the campaign are at allcitymedia.com for your perusal. With thanks to JD.


Electronic downloads on 7digital.com 
www.7digital.com offers high quality, DRM-free MP3s and WMA files at reasonable rates from several major labels. Of particular interest to Factory Records fans is the Electronic catalog, featuring:

- The three original studio albums and recent compilation
- Expanded versions of all three albums, including b-sides and remixes
- All singles and EPs, including the rare 'Until the End of Time' promo release

Looks like most of the tracks were just posted last month.

On a related note, there are plenty of hard-to-find recent tracks from Pet Shop Boys (mainly remixes not released on CD and not widely available digitally) and a decent selection of New Order products (including the three 'Waiting for the Sirens' Call' single releases).


Thanks to CD.

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11 Oct 2007
Crispy Ambulance live at Sub Space 
Crispy Ambulance are confirmed to play Sub Space Bar in Manchester (the basement club at Space Bar on New Wakefield Street, just around the corner from The Revolution Bar on Oxford Road, near the BBC).

Supports comes from south Manchester trio Triclops, plus there's DJ sets by Graham Massey, Alan Hempsall & Morganstein.


Aural Assault Promotions presents
The Grindhouse Saturday Matinée
Crispy Ambulance
"working class visionaries brutalising each other" - Genesis P-Orridge Throbbing Gristle / PTV3

Sub Space
Saturday 8th December

11 Wakefield Street

plus support

Graham Massey
Morgan Stein
Alan Hempsall

Doors 3pm

Admission £8 in advance from Space Bar
£10 on the door



Running order:

Alan Hempsall DJ set 3.30pm
Graham Massey DJ set 4.30pm
Triclops on stage 5.30pm
Crispy Ambulance on stage 6.30pm
Morganstein DJ set to finish.
8.30pm close

More details on the venue can be found at www.purespacecafebar.co.uk

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10 Oct 2007
When We Were Thin: update 
Here's confirmation of the (slightly amended) schedule re Friday evening's event at Urbis to launch CP Lee's new book When We Were Thin:

18:00 - Doors
18:30 - CP Lee and some Berts ramble
18:45 - Screening Albertos in Concert plus snippets of Gibberish
19:30 - Q&A
20:00 - Clubbalobby disco and book signing

Admission free, to book: books@itsahotun.com


Ian Curtis and the Making of Control 
XFM Manchester broadcast 'Heart & Soul: The Story of Ian Curtis and the Making of Control' on Sunday 7 October 2007, and it's was on XFM Scotland last night (8 October). Bernard, Hooky, and Stephen talked candidly and at times very movingly about Ian Curtis, the band, Ian's death, and their decision to form New Order.

Martin Moscrop (A Certain Ratio) talked about Factory and post-punk. Sam Riley talked about his role in 'Control'.

It's all available to stream, or you can download the podcast via www.xfmmanchester.co.uk/control.

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9 Oct 2007
Dark star 
The Independent has published a personal potted history of the great Joy Division by Factory colleague and confidant Jon Savage.

'Dark star: The final days of Ian Curtis by his Joy Division bandmates' begins at the hugely influential (for this teenager, anyway) October 1979 Apollo Theatre Buzzcocks-support gigs, captured on primitive video by Buzzcocks manager Richard Boon and later released on Factory/Ikon, before examining the "several reasons why this is Joy Division's moment".

"Jon Savage is the writer of film documentary 'Joy Division', which premieres in the UK at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival on 7 November and will be released early in 2008. Joy Division's albums are out now on Warner Brothers. 'Control' is on general release now."


Tony Wilson posthumously won the Q magazine "Hero" award last night.

Hooky, presenting the award, said: "This is very difficult for me. He always said to me, when you want me I won't be there but when you need me I will be. I truly believe that".

Oliver and Isobel Wilson collected the award, saying: "We miss him and it's really nice to know other people do too."

Other Q award categories - either voted on by readers or 'decided by the magazine staff' - included: "Q Legend"; "Q Inspiration"; "Q Merit"; "Q Idol" and "Q Icon".

The "Q Lifetime Achievement" award was won by Electronic axe man Johnny Marr.

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8 Oct 2007
Crossing the sociocultural spectrum 
Jane Withers, in yesterday's New York Times, reports that Peter Saville as been hired by Kvadrat, the innovative Danish textile company, to overhaul the company’s visual identity.

Saville says: "The thing that amazes me about Hallingdal (Kvadrat's most famous fabric which has "a tweedy texture in a kaleidoscope of hues") is that one fabric can evoke so many associations. In orange it can be one thing, in gray quite another. From people smoking pot to the dentist’s waiting room. Not many things cross the sociocultural spectrum like that."
7 Oct 2007
Mass Forms for Private Consumption 
Richard Clayton in The Times reports on the forthcoming highlights of the Frieze Art Fair which takes place in London's Regent's Park from 11-14 October 2007.

Amongst the delicacies on offer is a discussion entitled 'The Expanded Gallery - Mass Forms for Private Consumption' chaired by Alice Rawsthorn examining "how bespoke forms of industrial design, graphics and film have recently moved into the traditional preserves of art." and asking "What cultural value do they bring to the spaces of the gallery and the museum?"

Peter Saville will be on the panel which also includes Marc Newson, "the surfer-dude industrial designer".
Little White Lies: The Control Issue 
The latest issue (#13) of Little White Lies, the "truth and movies" magazines, has a hefty chunk devoted to Control. Articles for your delectation includes:

- The Life of Riley: Look out – Sam the man's a superstar
- Europe's Most Wanted: Alexandra Maria Lara keeps on rising
- Unknown Pleasures: Joy Division, but not as you know them
- Out of Control: When post-punk came to Blackpool
- Hooky's Haçienda: The bass monster remembers caner heaven
- Still Saville: Peter the great on designing a decade


Thanks to JD (no, not them)

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The Spirit of the Avant Garde 
Peter Saville is amongst the judges for a new competition being run by The British Library which challenges postgraduate students of creative design to design a piece of work which "embraces the spirit of the avant garde, exploring whether its philosophy is relevant to you and the world today".

Further details and how to enter at www.bl.uk.
Anything but a contradiction 
Sam Riley, who plays Ian Curtis in Control (check out the revamped pages for the movie), is interviewed by Tim Jonze in yesterday's Guardian (The Guide) and they talk about getting killed by the NME, serving drinks to Ricky Wilson out of Kaiser Chiefs and showing how a bunch of thespians could still love Joy Division.


6 Oct 2007
Loneliness and love 
Peter Bradshaw raves about Control in yesterday's Guardian.
5 Oct 2007
88 - The Haçienda 
Manchester photographer and filmmaker Peter Walsh is making a documentary on the Haçienda using a lot of his archive pictures from the time. The working title for the project is '88'. He is looking for more archive stuff, pictures and video footage and is keen for you, the Cerysmatic Factory readers, to help out. If you have any of the above and are the copyright holder (this bit is important so that Peter doesn't get sued) he would like to hear from you. There is a small budget for archive so if your stuff gets used there would be payment involved - this would have to be worked out.

Please contact Peter directly (not Cerysmatic Factory) at info@peterjwalsh.com.
Wilson Street West? 
Tony Wilson's children Oliver and Isobel have put forward a proposal to Manchester City Council for Whitworth Street West, home to the Haçienda, to be renamed in honour of him, reports the MEN.

The exact name is still to be chosen but options suggested include Tony Wilson Way, Anthony H Wilson Way or Wilson Street West. A selection of names will be put to public vote and the proposed name change would need to be approved by at least two-thirds of the residents of the street.

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Premiere League 
The MEN reports from last night's Manchester premiere of Control. There is a photo gallery too.

Stephen Morris, Hooky (but no Bernard Sumner), Anton Corbijn, producer Orian Williams and the ubiquitous John Robb were all present and correct.

The film itself was introduced by Anton Corbijn and scriptwriter Matt Greenhalgh.
4 Oct 2007
Crispies in Manchester 
Alan Hempsall emails with news that Crispy Ambulance are to play their first Manchester gig in over two years at Space, 11 New Wakefield Street on 8th December 2007. Further details to follow.

A week later they appear on the bill of 'A Factory Night (once again)' at Plan K in Brussels.



Control Manchester premiere tonight 
The red carpet will be rolled out for Manchester's finest tonight as Control has its long-awaited local premiere at über-Art House cinema the Cornerhouse. Director Anton Corbijn and "New Order" are amongst those set to attend.


Iconic contributions 
Peter Saville won the Contribution To Music Award and New Order won the 4Music Icon Award at the The Diesel:U:Music Awards took place at Koko in Camden, north London last night.


3 Oct 2007
Heart & Soul 
from xfmmanchester.co.uk:

'Heart & Soul'; the Story of Ian Curtis and Control.

This Sunday (7 October 2007) from 13:00 BST on XFM Manchester, a one hour special. Available online and with a podcast to follow...

We are honoured that Bernard, Hooky and Stephen have all contributed to this radio documentary at length and in-depth; hear them talk about forming Joy Division, recording and gigging, and revealing exclusively their thoughts about Ian Curtis, his character, his genius, his inner turmoil and his tragic death. Alongside Martin Moscrop from A Certain Ratio, the team behind the film 'Control' are among the other contributors.

It's an intriguing and important story, and the personal testimonies we've recorded from the surviving members of the band are amazing; it'll be a very memorable hour.

More details at from xfmmanchester.co.uk - the station can be found in the Manchester area on 97.7FM, but also available to listen to online worldwide(there's also a 'listen again' facility online which will store the show for seven days from Sunday and access is through the website). Also it'll be available as a podcast via iTunes from Sunday. Check the website for details.

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In A Lonely Way 
The latest of the increasingly irregular missives from houseoftomorrow.com, the site for all things Stephin Merritt, informs us that Stephin has contributed to not one but two television commercials for Volvo.

The first, 'Wheels' is already on our screens and the second, 'Showroom' will be airing in mid-October, and features a new Merritt song titled 'I'm in a Lonely Way', which is should be available for download soon iTunes - filed under 'Stephin Merritt'.


Sympathy for the Devil: Art and Rock and Roll Since 1967 
Peter Saville and Robert Longo (who directed the video for New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle) are interviewed by the New York Times (whose story archive is now free-for-all) to coincide with the 'Sympathy for the Devil: Art and Rock and Roll Since 1967' exhibition running until 6 January 2008 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.


i-D Punk issue's tribute to Tony Wilson 
The November edition of i-D magazine will be a Punk-themed issue and they are dedicating the back section of the magazine to the memory of Tony Wilson and Factory Records.

The i-D Punk issue is out on 10 October 2007.

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Control London gala premiere 
The stars were out in force last night for the London premiere of Control. Kate Moss, Rosario Dawson, Samantha Morton, Bobby Gillespie and Neil Tennant were among those in the audience, as were Messrs Hook, Morris and Sumner of Joy Division / New Order (though they weren't sitting together of course).

Control goes on general release from this Friday 5 October 2007.

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2 Oct 2007
Quiz Night 
As promised, the 'official' answers to the Urbis Haçienda quiz:

Round One

1. Name the first DJ and the first live act at The Haçienda.

Hewan Clarke; Bernard Manning (2 points).

2. Which famous spy was 'The Gay Traitor' bar named after?

Anthony Blunt (1 point).

3. Give the name (or type) of two businesses that were run from The Haçienda during the day.

Sandwich Express (sandwich delivery); Swing (hairdressers) (2 points).

4. Name the last DJ and the last live act at The Haçienda.

Elliot Eastwick (for it was he); Spiritualised (2 points).

5. 'Flesh' was the second gay night at The Haçienda. Name the first.

Gay Monday (1 point).

6. The Pet Shop Boys used an artist's films as a backdrop at their Haçienda concert. Name the artist.

Derek Jarman (1 point).

7. Name the two resident DJs at 'Wide'.

Dean Johnson; Dave Haslam (2 points).

8. Name the three designers of The Haçienda trainers.

Ben Kelly; Peter Saville; Yohji Yamamoto (1 point).

9. What was the building originally used for before becoming The Haçienda?

Yacht showroom (1 point).

10. Name the person that co-promoted 'Flesh' with Paul Cons.

Lucy Sher (1 point).

Round Two

1. Following closure, The Haçienda reopened with three new nights. Name them.

Beautiful 2000; Shine; Saturday at the Haçienda (3 points).

2. Name either the author or the work from which The Haçienda name was taken.

Ivan Chtchteglov: 'Formulaire Pour Un Urbanisme Nouveau' (1 point).

3. What was the name of The Haçienda's 1989 US tour?

United States of the Haçienda (1 point).

4. Name the band formed by Paul Morley and Trevor Horn.

Art Of Noise (1 point).

5. Name the building company responsible for The Haçienda flats.

Crosby Homes (1 point).

6. When Frankie Knuckles played The Haçienda on New Year's Eve 1996 was he paid:
a. GBP 5k?
b. GBP 15k?
c. GBP 25k?

b. GBP 15k (1 point).

7. Who bought The Haçienda DJ booth at the auction (and then lost it)?

Bobby Langley (1 point).

8. A regular performer at The Haçienda, born Alexander Coe in Bangor, worked at Shelley's in the mid-eighties, now a superstar DJ. Who am I?

Sasha (1 point).

9. Which internationally famous ex-Haçienda DJ started out as a chef at Dry Bar?

Laurent Garnier (1 point).

10. What was the Factory catalogue number of The Haçienda cat?

FAC 191 (1 point).

11. Which famous television music programme was recorded at The Haçienda in the mid-eighties?

The Tube (1 point).

Depending upon your score, award yourself the following title:

1-5: Thick Pigeon
6-10: Railway Children
11-15: Minny Pops
16-20: Adventure Babies
21-25: New Orders
26-27: Happy Mondays (You win The Shaun Ryder Cup!)

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Wheels To Get To Heaven 
Ian Devine (ex-Ludus with Linder Sterling and one half of the duo Devine & Statton) and Amanda Griffiths (housewife) have a new album out next week on the newly-resurrected Anhrefn Records called 'Wheels To Get To Heaven'. Legendary designer Benoit Hennebert did the cover artwork.


Devine & Griffiths
'Wheels To Get To Heaven'
Anhrefn Records 017
8 October 2007
Deborah Curtis - the interview 
Deborah Curtis gives her only interview since the Cannes premiere of Control in today's Morning Star. The full transcript is available exclusively on Joy Division Central.


Piece by Piece 
'Joy Division: Piece by Piece: Writing About Joy Division 1977-2007' by Paul Morley is now available for pre-order from Amazon.co.uk (and other booksellers). The book comprises Morley's complete writings on Joy Division, both contemporary and retrospective.

Amazon Synopsis

Joy Division are the perennial cult post-punk band. Author/TV broadcaster Paul Morley is the man who knew Joy Division best - he was the only journalist permitted to view Curtis' corpse, was present when Curtis suffered his near fatal epileptic seizure following a London concert in April 1980, and wrote extensively and evocatively of the 'mood, atmosphere and ephemeral terror' that enveloped this unique group and their doomed front man. These are his complete writings on Joy Division, both contemporary and retrospective. As he says, 'The more that time moves on, the more I have to say about them.' In addition to collecting all Morley's classic works about the band from the late 1970s/early 1980s, this unique book includes his eloquent Ian Curtis obituary and his hindsight pieces on the significance of the group, framed by an extensive retrospective essay. Contemporary elements include Morley's critique of the films "24 Hour Party People" - which told the story of the band's record label, "Factory" - and "Control", a new movie recounting the brief life of Ian Curtis, for which the author visited the set during production. Most movingly, Morley includes the original text that grew into his literary work, nothing, which parallels the suicide of Curtis with that of his own father. He also evokes the zeitgeist and the 'psycho-geography' of Manchester, which combined to produce the most uniquely intense rock group ever.


Publication date: 15 November 2007
Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Plexus Publishing Ltd
ISBN-10: 0859654044
ISBN-13: 978-0859654043

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1 Oct 2007
Cornerhouse Control 
Manchester's Cornerhouse has scheduled a number of events to coincide with their showing of the Ian Curtis film Control:

In Conversation: Matt Greenhalgh
Matt (screenwriter) and Hooky (character) will discuss, amongst other topics, "the responsibilities of representing real people".
Friday 19th October 2007, 18.30, GBP 5.00 (GBP 4.00 concessions).

So It Goes
90 minutes of "A rare opportunity to catch episodes of groundbreaking television".
Saturday 20th October 2007, 15.45.

24 Hour Party People
A chance to see that film again on a big screen. "A glorious paean - don’t miss it".
Saturday/Sunday 20th/21st October 2007, 15.45/11.55.

Transmission: Pop Music on British TV
Omnipresent journo John Robb "chairs a panel of critics, academics and presenters in a discussion of current provision for pop music programmes on British TV", including clips from The White Room, The Word and So It Goes.
Monday 22nd October 2007, 18:30, GBP 5.00 (GBP 4.00 concessions).

One Hour Intro: Pop/Art
A talk based around "the influence of pop music on contemporary art, and vice versa" led by Visual Arts Education Officer Chris Clarke..
Wednesday 24th October 2007, 17:00, GBP 3.50 (GBP 3.00 concessions).

Anton Corbijn: Music To Your Eyes
90 minutes of Corbijn's earlier works including music videos, Captain Beefheart documentary and interviews.
Thursday 25th October 2007, 18.10, GBP 2.00 (GBP 1.50 concessions).

Cornerhouse Box Office: (0)161 200 1500 (12:00-20:00).

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